Young Scientists Contest

We wish to encourage young NMR spectroscopists to attend the Symposium
and to present their own research on the special Young Scientists Session.

Young Scientists Contest


Announcement of the Young Scientist Contest 2018:


It is with great pleasure that we announce the prize for the best oral presentation:

Natalia Olejnik-Fehér

(Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Warsaw, Poland)


for the communication entitled:

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid-State NMR as a Powerful Tool for Probing the Surface of Nanomaterials with Sub-Ångström Resolution


We are also pleased to announce that the prize for the best poster presentation have been awarded to:

Paweł Świder

(Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS, Warsaw, Poland)

for the poster entitled:

Through-Space Spin-Spin Coupling Constants Involving Fluorine: Benchmarking DFT Functionals



  • Prof. Graham A. Webb
  • Prof. William S. Price
  • Prof. Gaël De Paëpe